Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 3

I was re-reading my previous post and realized the only thing I forgot to tell you guys was what underwear I was wearing, so I will try and not make these so lengthy and detailed. Then again, I always feel like one topic leads into another one and they all need to be explained. I guess I will get this blogging thing down before to long.

Man, day four at getting Bella to school and we were even earlier this morning. Almost so early that I felt bad for dropping her off before school official started. The only explanation is that Joe has started to help out getting the kids breakfast before he leaves for work in the morning. Such a little thing and what a big difference. That and I actually drug my body into the shower before seven (I hate mornings).
Meika was once again taken to the dog park after dropping Bella off at school. Remi and I were truly amazed that we had the coolest dog at the park (no offense doggies) and that she is the fastest dog by far. Like that somehow reflects directly onto me. Like oh yeah, you think she's fast, you should see me go.

After school my daughter had her bi-weekly transfusion appointment at the hospital. As I am running around trying to keep two very active kids quiet and cornered in a somewhat decent fashion that ol'feeling starts creeping in. The one that tells me what a bad mom I am and why can't I control them or why do I always feel so frazzled when I am by myself (am I actually sweating). My Mom makes a last minute visit to the hospital to lend a hand. And on one side it was a relief, but on the other side of the coin she has made it very clear that she doubts my ability in most anything, including parenting, marriage and finance.
She proceeds to correct Bella and Remi at every little action and I finally snapped at her saying, "I've got it, alright?". Then I feel like a total bitch and wonder why I feel the need to be so defensive with her.
By the time we have made it back to the car and headed home I am a total emotional wreak. Old Rachel would swing through BK and grab a yummy combo and devour every last morsel, but today I call Joe at work and have him do a quick calorie check on BK's website. Holy Crap. It is no wonder I was fat. A sandwich should not ever reach the 1000 calorie point. That's absurd.
So the new Rachel grabs a Grilled Chicken Salad from McDonald's and steer the car towards the house. One point for Mommy.

The rest of the afternoon goes pretty much without a hitch.
Went to a small Farmer's Market to shop for some fresh fruit and veggies. Steal on sweet potatoes($.75 per lb), Rip off on Apples. $4.50 for 4 apples. They better be the most delicious apples in the entire world.

Made a super dinner of skillet fish fillets and a veggie stir-fry with a few spaghetti noodles thrown in mainly for the kids (they love noodles) seasoned with season salt, ginger, garlic, pepper and a dash of soy sauce. The fish was amazing. Striped pangasius~ never heard of it before, but I swear it tasted like bass and was on sale. I only buy fish that is on sale. ha So we usually eat something different all the time. I love when the shrimp is on sale, four bags of shrimp for me. Holler!

The kids were dying to take a walk tonight, in fact Bella was crying the entire meal waiting for a walk she didn't think would ever happen. So now here's my issue. 7pm is to late to take two walks (one for us/one for the kids) so we let the kids win and take them around the loop. I had Remington while Joe had Meika and Bella. They do a much faster pace then Mr.Small britches.
It was a beautiful night and the neighborhood animals just love to come and visit us while we stroll by, but I truly doubt it burns very many calories or prepares for a marathon.
The good news to this is that I feel like we have and will continue to set great examples for our kids with food choices and exercise, so I guess that should be the big picture here.

The kids are down to sleep and we have a DVR waiting for us downstairs with the "Biggest Loser" on it. I am excited to start a new season and one that we are not saying, "man I could totally win this show" or "let's start a diet with them and see how we do" or "next Monday, that's it, no more" as we eat our Ben and Jerry's ice cream and wish for a smaller waist. No this season we will be watching from the other side. The I did it and so can you side. Whoohoo baby.

Until tomorrow.
Day3 lesson ~ breathe in, breathe out, smile. We can choose to break the cycle at anytime with a little help, from our own will. DVR's are wonderful inventions.

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