Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New School Year

So the new school year is under way, week two for Bella and day one for Remington.

Bella is now going all day (8:30-3:00)four days a week in Preschool 4. We were so lucky to have remained with the same Teacher as last year, but we have lost a few of our favorite Therapists. As always, my little girl seems to rise to the occasion and meet new challenges head on. She follows directions well, plays with her new friends, eats lunch with the other students and rests at nap-time without a fuss. It's the after school that seems to be our new issue. Bella is so wound-tight that after school that she is like a ticking time bomb.
The good news in all of this, is that bedtimes seem to be less of a struggle since she is so exhausted. We'll give her time. It's always been up to Bella to adjust to things in her own time frame, and I believe she will in this too.

Like I said before, today was Rem-Dogs first day of school. I know he is young, but the social setting will be good for him. He will be a sighted-peer at CCVI (Bella's school) in Preschool 1. He will go Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (8:30-11:30). Remi was so excited today as we got ready to go and packed his little M&M backpack up with spare clothes and diapers. He practically ran to class, but was surprised when I redirected him into a different class. Remi thought that going to school meant he was going to be with Bella and her Teacher (whom he might have a little crush on), so this was his first shock. Then when I kissed him goodbye that was shock number 2 that sent him over the edge.
Rumor has it that he cried most of the morning, but I guess that was to be expected since he has been attached to my hip since day one. He told me on the drive home that he cried all day and ate yellow waffles and that they were "Mmmmm". What more could you ask for on a first day.