Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 9

Not much to write about today. Finding it hard to write about my life and not always sound so mopey. Nobody likes mopey. I was looking for inspiration to hit me tonight while reading quickly through some blogs and of course went to one of my favorites first, Prior Fat Girl-Jen. I started reading her blog right after her loss of her Mother and my Husband said, "you should check out this blogger, I swear it was you writing or you guys could be best friends."
Isn't that funny? Never met, Jen or even know that much about her and I swear Joe is right. We could be best friends. And her troubles, emotions, sadness, happiness, I feel and understand.
Anyways...she had a link to a new lady tonight, Lindsay. I click over to her and I think. Wow, this lady is right on. I agree 100% that this diet thing and exercise plans are only fun and inspiring the first 2 weeks, if that. Then what? Well, I guess that's why all of us fatty's are finding each other on the world wide web. Sister's of the Fat Pants. Or in a lot of our cases, previous fat pants, who still struggle everyday like we still have those size 14's on.

So thanks guys for making me realize that I'm not the only one out there that struggles and honestly, best wishes to all of you on the best choices each and everyday in reaching our so common goal.

Now, I am going to go downstairs with my honey, curl up on the couch and watch a little Biggest Loser tonight. Go Green team!!!

Day 9 Lesson~ You can't beat a good book that makes you feel like you are the main character.
Marshall's is the best place to buy kids shoes ($12.99 for Carters).
No matter what the scale weighs you in at, it all depends about what is between your ears to how it makes you feel.


  1. I always love your lessons for the day. It is one of my favorite things about reading your blog.
    In fact I especially love #3 tonight. I hope that someday I don't care what the scale says and that I only judge myself by how I feel. I love you babe. You are my inspiration!

  2. "No matter what the scale weighs you in at, it all depends about what is between your ears to how it makes you feel."

    So, so true. Love that.