Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 4

Whoohoo it's Friday. I am writing this at a quarter till four and am so antsy I can barely sit still to type, let alone think. And I haven't had any caffeine today. Huh, go figure.

Joe took the day off of work today to go part-time job hunting. And as my Mother said(insert whiny voice), "why would he take off one job to go look for another job?" To which I politely replied, "most places take applications in person and we are hoping they see Joe's winning smile and hire him on the spot." Duh.
I am so torn on this issue of another job. I hate it, but it should've been done years ago. We tried letting me work last fall/holiday season part-time and quickly realized that was not going to fly, with the kids or Joe or our babysitter (my Mom). Joe applied at his current job for a new posting this week. One that would pay him more money and be an advancement. I am crossing my fingers and even my toes that this comes through for us. Joe believes in Karma. Anymore, I'm not sure what I believe in. I just know you have to make your own future by living the present to the fullest of your ability. If this promotion happens there won't be any need for a second job, so please cross your fingers right along with me (toes too if possible).

So we are a tiny bit off schedule today.
I love when Joe doesn't have to wake up early and get ready. Mornings are the perfect cuddle time (that is if you don't breathe on me and vice-a-versa). Bella had other plans, busting into the room Kramer style with her mop-top a bouncing saying "Momma, Dadda, Hi!" We tried to ignore her which only lead her into her brother's room with the same schpiel. Well, so much for sleeping in and so much for cuddling.

Bella had an annual eye exam today at the hospital and two and a half hours later we (Bella and I) were headed home with no real new information. Yep, she still has CVI (cortical visual impairment), her eyes still drift and basically, she is legally blind. Have a nice day!
The good news is we still don't need glasses. Thank God for that considering we can't even get her to wear sunglasses for her light sensitivity issues outside. I couldn't even imagine her having to wear glasses 24/7. Nightmare for Mom and our insurance company, since we would break at least a pair a week. ha

Tonight's dinner is planned for Turkey Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries. One of my all time favorites.
I do have a pre-confession to make. I am pretty sure we will be having Pina Coladas tonight after the kids go to bed. See we bought Dole's 100% Pina Colada Juice the other day and it is so tasty, the only thing it is missing is the rum. I think we will be fixing that problem very soon. It is totally yum-o!!!! Even without the Rum added.

So a run is needed before dinner and drinking, so we can indulge a little later on.

Watched the Biggest Loser premier last night. Whoazers! Love the green team already. Abbey, sweetie you rock!!! and a firefighter as a partner, you can't go wrong.

Lesson for Day 4~ You might as well chill out and enjoy a little one/on/one time with your daughter while visiting the doctors cuz they sure as heck are not in any hurry to get you out of there (we played wild animals crawling around on the floor and actually I got caught under a desk one time growling). oops.
Money does not make a person happy, but it sure does help.
Dole's Pina Colada's Juice is fantastic with or without Rum added

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