Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 2

Well I wanted to wait until the end of the day to start writing my blog so I could get a full days worth of goodies into it, but now I am tired and feel rushed to finish this so I can snuggle with my honey and go to bed at a somewhat decent time.

Writing my blog yesterday gave me inspiration and hope. The feeling that this hole that I seem stuck in, isn't really that bad and that I can pull myself out and above it.

Today was the usual rush, rush, rush to get Bella to school on time. Which bravo Mom, I did. Then one of the other Mommies from school and I jumped in my car and headed for a destination walk. The zoo. At first I was a little hesitant to have her ride in my always messy, dog hairy seat, squeaky brake car, but it was great. I did get us a little lost (something I am a tad famous for) but we eventually found our way. Remi was able to play in the play area for the 15 minutes we waited for the zoo to open.
It is so nice to see him run and play with other kids his age and older and not worry if they are staring and wondering what is wrong with him like I worry and wonder with his sister. Something that is not just comparing, but compassion. If you don't have a disabled child you most likely will not understand this emotion and that's okay, I don't expect you to.
Once the zoo opened it was all business. We walked the entire zoo without stopping and at pretty fast clip. It felt great.
I did have a pang of guilt for Remington since he was buckled into a stroller the entire time and not allowed to sight see and be stimulated. I just tried to remind myself that there has to be time for me and he is allowed many other opportunities throughout the day to learn and grow and we did just visit the zoo this past weekend for the kids, so I trudged on! The weather was perfect. I had a ton of pent up adult conversation that needed an ear to bend and the walk was challenging.

I made a great choice for lunch, Shrimp Fettuccine Lean Cuisine. Only one little problem was I was still starving after wolfing it down. I knew this and even searched through the cabinets looking for a healthy extra something to take off the hunger, but since we hadn't visited the grocery store this week we were pretty dried up in the options. I tried to put this from my mind as I ran to CVS to pick up Bella's medicine. Normally I run my car through the drive-thru, but with the squeaky brakes I figured I would go inside and pick up some deodorant too (surprise, had no deo this morning and had to use Joe's-yuck). While inside the store the temptation was very present and as much as I'd love to write that I didn't succumb to it, I can't.
Two sticks of Deodorant, medicine and an Ice cream sandwich please...17grams of fat. So much for that great morning walk.
Good news, I did thoroughly enjoy my ice cream novelty on the ride home.

When Joe got home we went grocery shopping, but the budget is pretty tight so no extra snacks or even many fruit and veggies found their way into the cart. Bananas and Apples. Cheap and plenty.
Supper was quickly upon us and the kids made sure that we hadn't forgot them. So we swung by McDonald's and got them both kids meals and nothing for ourselves. Progress! Yes!!!

I made a delicious dinner with the chicken breast that was thawed and since the kids had already ate I spiced it way up for Joe and I. We love spicy food, but try and keep it reasonable when the kids are going to eat what we eat, but not tonight. Whoot Whoot, Spicy!!!
Mexican frozen veggies (corn, black beans, peppers) can of tomatoes and green chilli's, hot sauce and red pepper flakes with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese. Then I steamed a bag of 1o0% whole grain brown rice and served it with the chicken blend. Oh my~ so good. Sometimes I surprise myself with my creations.
We quickly cleaned up the mess and tied up the shoe laces for a quick run before it was the kids bedtime. We might need to start adjusting our nights since it is getting darker earlier.
Meika (the dog) was beyond ready to go for a run and was pulling at my bad back something fierce (in fact she broke her leash!) so Joe took her for the first half which left me with the running stroller. I have never been that great with the stroller. I have always needed my arms when it comes to running, and even more so on hills, but I made it all the way to our usually stopping point without stopping once. I was on fire. That is my lungs were on fire, but after Joe and I switched babies for a crazy dog, Meika gave me no choice but to run again.
There might be a giant bonus to having a super charged overgrown puppy. I did make her stop a few times to catch my breath and keep dinner down (I hate to puke, did enough of that with two pregnancies, thank you very much) and we had to skip one of the loops for bath time, but yay me.

Yay me for eating a better dinner than what I have been eating the last several weeks. Yay me for running when I sure didn't feel like it. Yay me for getting the kids out the door this morning. Yay me for spending time on myself today (walking at the zoo with a friend and not being only in mommy mode).
Boo-hoo on me for picking up the ice cream sandwich and enjoying it as much as I did.

So Day 2's lesson~Life is a rushing moment in time. Everyone has a different stress or chaos that they are currently living. Sometimes you just need to slow down and enjoy the smell of the zoo early in the morning before the animals cages have been cleaned to fully enjoy your own life.
Never write a blog this late at night! And Holy Crap 26.2 miles is a long way when my little 2 mile run pooped me out! I gotta a long way to go baby.


  1. That spicy chicken dish is even spicier as leftover lunch today. Yowzers! But oh so delicious. You never cease to amaze me.
    Hey, we have two kids, a marathon will be no problemo.

  2. You can do it Rachel! You can run a marathon if you train properly for it. Trust me and ruuuuuuunnnnnn! And yes, YAY you. Baby steps is all it takes.