Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Longest blog in history and catching up

I would almost argue with this blog thingy that it has been since October since my last post. Really? Where has the time gone?
The holidays have all come and gone and we made many new memories to store away in that little compartment I call a brain.

The kids were little blue monsters for Halloween. Which was adorable, yet very fitting for the two of them. (Here is a picture of them on Halloween at the KC Zoo)
Joe had to work Halloween night at his second job so I attempted to take the kids trick-or-treating all by myself. We armed ourselves with bags and flashlights (Thomas the train choo-choo light) and headed out after dark. At first both of them were a little thrown by the night-time activity, but as we walked and saw more children dressed up and walking with us, they quickly got into the spirit.
Remi was adorable with his train flashlight and almost used it like his security blanket. Every time someone or something would happen or come along that he was unsure of, he would click it on to hear the train whistle blow and that would seem to soothe him enough to carry on. Did I mention that he carried this important flashlight backwards the whole way. What I would've given for a picture of us walking from behind.

Bella was all about ringing the doorbells and saying (signing) "thank you" for her candy. It was a pretty slow moving walk since each house in our neighborhood has several stairs leading up to the front doors, but she was such a trooper. We made it all the way around our block and finished the night by answering our own door and re-passing out the candy we had just collected. The kids were so excited to hand out candy to the monsters/vampires/football players, etc that they didn't realize their evil Mom was giving away the huge stash of candy which they had just earned.
The kids and I ended the night by eating a piece of candy and going to bed (or at least they went to bed), I waited up on Joe to get home so I could tell him every little detail and moment that he missed out on. And I might have cried a little on his shoulder because it was so sad that he missed such a fun night and we will never have it to do over again. Those memories that the kids and I made are just my memories, they are too young to remember and Joe wasn't home and that just doesn't seem right.

Thanksgiving- Um, yeah. Pretty sure we just ate our way around the different houses and moved right on passed this one. I know, us and the rest of America, but this holiday seems to be waning in it's popularity. Joe says its his favorite holiday. Read; he loves pumpkin pie.

All I can ever think about with Thanksgiving is back in 2001. After we had finished stuffing ourselves full of turkey at the Riddell household, walking into the front room where my then sweet dog, Angel and our new little puppy Diablo, were stuffing a little turkey in their own way. Two months later we were "blessed" with two cute bundles we named Missy and Minnie. Missy and Minnie will turn 8 years old Jan. 21 (Thursday). Wow, did I mention how fast time has went? Yes, I think I did.

Bella turned four at the first of December (12-4). We had a big birthday party. Read; family and only one special friend from school, but with family alone this house is busting at the seams. Bella loved ripping into each gift and then tossing them aside so she could open the next. Pretty typical behavior for a four year old, I love when I can say that about her.
I could get all mushy and tell you about her gains this year and even from birth from what they expected, to what actually transpired and is still progressing, but I will save that for another day. I would hate to make this the longest blog in the history of blogs. So we will just move on...

Christmas was so fun this year!!! The kids were both super excited (or maybe they just fed from my excitement) and we filled each day with something fun and special to mark this holiday. We baked cookies (a few times), made popcorn balls, went shopping, visited with Santa, sang songs, took pictures. You get the idea. ha We had our first white Christmas since forever and white it was. It started snowing Christmas eve and didn't stop for days. I think we ended up with 12 inches with another several inches after that. It was pretty and perfect, but too dang cold for us to play in it, which kind of defeats the purpose of snow.

Bella's favorite Christmas song this year (which you would've heard on my voice mail if you called me anytime during this season) was "Jingle Bells". It all started one night when I was doing dishes singing away, not really paying any attention when I noticed Bella was chiming in on the side lines of the song. "Laughing all the way..." she would chuckle. "Jingle all the way..." and she would yell, "HEY". So we ended up singing this song a lot, which was perfect in the end because it was also one of the songs they sang for their school program.
Which speaking of school program. Bella was awesome and amazing this night. Sometimes you may hear a Mother speak about their disabled child as having a great day or an "on day". These are days where the kid is just doing things that may be hard for them normally or it may even be difficult to remember what the disability even is on these days.
This was an "on day" for Bella. She hopped right up there with the rest of the kids, singing, clapping, signing and laughing instead of being overwhelmed or overstimulated, like she has been in the past. I was so happy and excited and weeping all in the same moment.
I love when God blesses us with small moments like these. It gives me hope and encouragement for the future...

Remington was a hoot all around. He loved touching the untouchable ornaments, singing to a Big Bird ornament that hung at eye level. He looked too adorable for words in his Christmas best. He loved to beg for more Christmas stories at bedtime as soon as we had finished with one. He was interested and scared to death at the same time of Santa Clause, never making it to his lap for a picture.
He helped pass out presents to everyone before ripping into his own and yelling, "elmo", "choo-choo", and "arrrarr" for his dog book, perfectly happy playing for hours with his new toys.
Seeing him act and react makes me understand why Christmas is so special for children and feel blessed that we were able to give them a very merry Christmas this year, something that has been very tough for the last few years past.

This holiday season really had me feeling the *tug for a bigger family...more on that to come.

*you know that heavy heart feeling you get when you see or hold a baby or watch your own children accomplish something new or maybe as you are folding outgrown clothes to give away. If you are a woman, you know that tug. Or maybe I'm just loony and Joe should slip me a little birth control in my wine every night...

So that pretty much catches us up to the Now. I am going to try and post more frequently and see if it helps to write it out. And by "it", I mean stress and daily grind, parenting bull-whoohee.