Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 8

Remington, 15 months, Sept 09'

What a shitty day. Pardon my french.

Joe had to leave for work at 6am this morning which meant the dogs went ape in there cages at 6:15 thinking we forgot to let them out to pee which in turn woke Bella up. I convinced her to crawl in bed and cuddle for a few minutes before she was up and running around. One giant sigh and I was up too.
Good news I got Bella to school 10minutes early. Only to grab a speeding ticket on the way home. 55 in a 45. I gave my saddest face possible and he just informed me to go slow and drive safe. I said "Thank you." Why did I say 'thank you'? I don't know, my Mom taught me to be polite (or hide my feelings) cause I really wanted to beg and scream at him that the other cars were going just as fast, if not faster than I was, why did I have to get the ticket and thanks a million sir, cause my husband is going to kill me now. Not sure how many tickets you can have before they take your license away. Might want to check on that one.

Regardless of this setback in my day, I did not fudge on the eating. Not even at a place called "RED X" (some half-price grocery store that my Mom took me to today). The bargains were a plentiful and the fried food was out the wazoo. Fried Catfish (one of my faves), fried chicken, fried potatoes, fried whatever...I resisted the urge many times over as we shopped and even in the check out lanes as my Mom was telling me how delicious the food used to be when she'd stop in on her way to work.

Turns out Joe didn't kill me, probably because he had his second interview today and was offered a part-time job (the angels are singing hallelujah) on the weekends.
He just said, "We all make mistakes." Which was still hard enough for me to swallow. I don't make mistakes...that's the part of my personality that comes straight from the Mason side, I try and keep this evil side of me squished deep down because I know it isn't pretty nor is it right.

Still fighting with Bella to go to sleep tonight. We are in the stage where she gets up and out of bed over and over again until she finally gives up. Pretty frustrating phase. It is a phase right???

Day 8 lesson~when your first task in the morning is cleaning up dog poop you could probably bet on what the rest of the day will look like.
You know you are no longer the hot young girl when you can't cry or flirt your way out of a speeding ticket.
You realize that you are excited not that your husband got a second job but where he got his second job to how much food rules your thinking. Mmmm, Bucca di Beppo.

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  1. Really? Did he really get a job there? Seriously, I have never heard of this place until yesterday when Tony "The Anti-Jared" wrote about leaving there after umpteen years. As I said to Tony just the name of the place makes me want to eat there...

    Rachel, guess what? You aren't perfect. And try to be perfect and trying to hide your humanity will only drag you down in the long run. Thankfully you have that sweet Joe to remind you!