Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 5

Quick, super fast and missing info in tonight's blog.

We were terrible today in food choices. We knew it and we still didn't do anything to stop it, so now I'm kind of pissy over it and wish it would just become easier to make the best choice.

Breakfast-good. Oatmeal with splenda, skim milk and raspberries. (ran out of blueberries the other morning and substituted with frozen raspberries and now it is my new favorite in my oatmeal)

Lunch- not good. Boston Market roasted chicken (skin removed), steamed veggies,...wait it gets worse...mashed potatoes and gravy and sweet potato casserole, one cornbread muffin.

Dinner-awful. Dickey BBQ Turkey, pulled pork, fried okra, baked beans, one buttered roll (only cause there wasn't anymore did I not have more than one fresh, pulled from the oven, steaming hot roll).

We worked on the house all day. Cleaning the garage, ripping into cabinets and reorganizing, doing laundry, sweeping, re-arranging furniture. That is why lunch was out. We hadn't kept track of the time and sure enough it was 12:30 and the kids were letting us know that they were hungry...oops!
Dinner was ate out because my in-laws were up for a visit and always want to eat out. So we took them to this new BBQ place that we had tried a while back and thought they would dig.
Now, our choice to eat poorly at this restaurant wasn't their fault. We have ate out before many times and ordered smartly. Salad, grilled chicken, etc., but today it almost didn't even cross my mind to try something healthier, like I deserved this break. A little kooky in the thinking, I know. Deserved why? I dunno.
(I have tried for years to cook for the ol'In-Laws and still can't figure out if they don't like the cooking or just don't like me cooking. I do use spices and we do eat a variety of things, but variety is the spice of life! Right?)

No exercise today either. Yep, I think I'll just end it on that note.

Day 5 lesson~ Crap accumulates. A clean house makes me smile. 360 day till marathon training should be complete, I wonder if Dickey's BBQ would sponsor me? (just kidding)


  1. Goodness Rachel you are not alone - we've all been there done that. Move on, it's not worth the effort of fretting over it. The sooner you stop stressing the better your choices will get.

  2. agree we have all been there, its never easy at first, it does get easier...