Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 10

Had a pretty good day 10. Rounded the week of school out for Bella and spent the morning with a few of my new Mommy friends. One of them, Samantha, brought me two giant bags of clothes that her son had grown out of and thought maybe Remington would fit in them. Jackpot!

Went to Starbucks with her for non-fat sugar-free lattes and found a low-fat raspberry muffin for Remington, little did he know he shared with the two of us also. Not sure how low-fat it was, (guess I could look it up-not really sure I care) but it was delicious.
Spent the morning walking around Loose Park. They have a beautiful rose garden. Samantha actually said it reminded her of her trip to Italy. I'd go for that. So peaceful and serene. I wished I would've had my camera. Remington was totally digging on the roses and would stop and smell or touch each bloom and then tight walked around a fountain without falling. So cute, missed moment to share. This is the same park Joe and I had our engagement pictures taken almost 8 years ago to this date. October 14, 2001. That's for you honey. I never forget a date.

Once we got back to school and was waiting for our kiddos to finish up. Conversation headed to a marathon, since one of the moms had a KC Marathon shirt on (2007). Ended up not being her shirt, but after talking with everyone and telling them my plans, they all wanted to start walking/running with me in the morning of school. I was so excited. We are all in such different areas of fitness, so we may have to start out slow, but that is what makes a year to train kind of nice. Also this walk/run with the mommies does not have to be my main training, it could simply just be my reconnecting time with adult conversation, while burning calories.

Ran around the rest of the afternoon. Went to my Mom's house, Walked around the mall, let the kids play in the soft play area, checked on the puppies and birds at the pet store.

Pretty good day overall I'd say. The weather right now is perfect!!!! Cool mornings in the 50's then slight warm up to mid 70's. Perfect!

Day 10 Lesson~ You never know what dream you might share with others until you share your own dream out loud.
Puppies make me smile and feel very maternal, even if we are at our max capacity of animals in the house!

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  1. LOL...Great post sounds like you had a wonderful day!! Very busy, but wondeerful...Hope your weekend was great and thank you for keeping my family in your prayers and thoughts, it means so much!!