Monday, January 3, 2011

Jan. 2011

Really? Already? Wasn't Joe and I just laying on the couch together kissing in the year 2010?
Well this year was a blur. I wonder why that is or maybe that is just normal for most, especially parents of young children. Aw, I remember adults telling me when I was a kid to enjoy my time/school/etc and that soon the clock would catch up to me like it does to everyone. Back then, it seemed impossible. Time, days, hours seemed to drag on for an eternity. What I wouldn't do to slow that clock down again.
Now, I feel like I stretch each day out to it's fullest and still end up with dirty dishes, unfolded clothes, bags under my eyes and wishes for more playtime.

I would love to promise myself that 2011 will be different. That I will take more time out to enjoy the little things, but life as it is for us, will probably continue the same. What I do promise myself is to pause more. When I become so frustrated/crazy/stressed/sad/excited, to allow myself a moment to pause and realize that "I got this, no biggie, breathe."

On another subject, I only set one goal for 2011. To become a runner.
Pure and simple. Running makes me feel like I can accomplish anything, relieves my stress, drips my sweat and frustrations onto the road (or treadmill), allows me to fly. As haphazardly as I've run this past year, I remain good at it and quickly fall back in to the routine without much pain.
So have at it~ I'm a runner ~ ha
(mini goal-I know, I said only one, but this falls under sub goal)to run the Trolley Run in under 40 minutes, looking for a 10m/mile or less. Cake? Right???

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