Thursday, January 6, 2011

Silence is golden

After 3 weeks of sick children, with myself included in this, Joe thought I needed a day to myself.
I dropped Bella off at school, 30 minutes late-it was our Monday-and quickly ran back out the door without much word to anyone.

I drove to Zona, actually called home and offered to have breakfast with Daddy and Rem's (mainly from guilt). Thankfully, they declined.

I decided that a pedicure and movie were in order for a Mommy day, but first a stop at Barnes and Noble. And of course, they have Starbucks, which is a must. I wandered around looking at every aisle, even the baby stuff. Enjoying the quiet. With the lack of my brain in constant motion tracking two children and solving arguments, it was a remedy for pure relaxation. I finished my Mocha and an hour later left without even buying a book. (Amazon has way better prices)

Then I went to ON for a new shirt. I shop with the best of intentions most times, but usually only walk away with things for the kids.
I found the cutest Cameron shirt. (Cameron from Modern Family) Only that is was a girls shirt and the Medium was too small and the Large was too big, but I didn't care, it was mine. I'll just dry it an extra long time...

Off to the pedicure, leaving myself an hour until the first movie played at the theatre. It was so indulgent to sit in the massage chair and have someone play with my feet and legs for an hour! "Do I want a salt scrub?" Why sure, bring it.

I arrived at the movies with ten minutes to go and congratulated myself on awesome planning, bought myself some nachos (with extra jalapenos please)and crunched away in theatre 18 all alone. Literally, no one was there. Weird, but also very nice. I propped my yellow flipflops that the salon gave me on my seat in front of me and chomped away, not worrying one bit about how loud I was crunching or the calories I was consuming.

The movie, How Do You Know, was just alright. Nothing to write home about, but as I climbed inside the mini to go pick up Bells, I realized I hadn't spoken a dozen words all day. No yelling,No stressing to figure out what Bella was saying, No information overload with Remington, No babbling to Joe, No constant energy exerted.

It was dang near perfect...A little selfish, but much needed.

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