Monday, October 18, 2010

I really do understand...or more than you know

I took the opportunity that Mother Nature gave Rem-dog and I and we spent the entire morning at the park after dropping Bella off at school.
This is Penguin Park in KC. I used to go to this park when I was a little girl and would beg upon endless hours to go as often as possible. They have a giant penguin which used to be a big slide and is now closed up and has a little slide off to the side and a giant kangaroo that also has a giant slide inside of it, but always smelled like pee. Hmmm, wonder why?

I like to take Monday and Thursday's and have a little one-on-one time with Remington. This is something he has never had before and it is such a blast for the both of us. Of course, I feel guilty, because it is so much fun and non-stressful. Oh wait, I think the word I am looking for is "Normal". Good thing Bella was my first or the ease of Remi would've had me a true baby-making machine. Arooga!

Anyway, since my "normal" kid is running around and acting like a normal kid, I am able to people watch. People watching is one of my favorite things to do, but unfortunately we are usually the ones being watched.
This morning there were a few handicapped children at the park. Actually both of them had down syndrome and seemed to be around Remi's age. One little girl was super cute, but reminded me of Bells, licking everything before or after she touched it, even the ground numerous times. The Mother, of course was beside herself. Yelling and screaming at her to stop, that it was icky.
The other little boy was so excited to be at the park, that his excitement was contagious. Except his Mother kept apologizing for his excitability.

I have been in both places. The mouthing thing is gross, but I have learned after almost five years that it won't kill'em. It might actually work opposite and make their immune systems like Superman, at least Bella's is.
The second Mom overly apologizing. I get that, there have been times after an outing that I wonder to myself If I could've said, 'I was sorry' any more than I did. And really what was I sorry for? Sorry that my kid stuck out like a sore thumb or didn't play like the other kids? Yeah, I guess pretty much. I have learned from this too. Unless Bella is harming another child, I don't apologize for her behavior. Hey, everyone is different in their own ways, even the "normal" kids. Like the one that refused to wear shoes and the grandma threw up her hands or the little boy with blue tiger stripes in his hair. Weird! ha And yes, Remi now wants tiger stripes in his hair, but you guessed it, they have to be YELLOW.

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