Friday, April 1, 2011

My tank is on E

I am so exhausted this week with the four Doctor appointments for Bella and one for me, not to mention the ER visit last Saturday that got thrown in for fun. Oh and don't forget to put a nice big cold for me that was most likely caught from the ER on top and I'm dragging. Thankfully, the soccer was canceled Tuesday night. I know, second week and I'm already glad it's canceled.

Joe and I spent our kid free Wednesday morning at the Social Security office. We received great news that after review of our accounts, we now owe them $5K+ and Bella is no longer qualified for SSI. Really?!? One working spouse for a family of four with a disabled daughter who incurs endless amounts of bills and copays, but we make to much? Don't forget the house payment, car payment, insurance, school tuition, groceries, gas, etc. Give me a effing break people!!
Here's the deal, I applied for the second time June '09. We received our first check from them Nov.'09, but I guess, one month later we no longer qualified....They just decided after 15 months to notify us. So now, monthly payments have been set-up, nothing like owing the Gov't to make your day look sunny.

I am terribly bitchy lately and need a vacation. I'd even settle for a staycation, like say at my Mother's house...okay, maybe not there, but somewhere equally close and cheap...I really doubt this is going to happen anyway, so maybe I should dream bigger. Mexico, Bahama's, Spain?

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