Monday, April 11, 2011

Catching on

The day was packed full and my body is telling me so now.
Dropped Bella off at school then Remi and I spent the morning smelling flowers then headed to the park.
We played for several hours, until suddenly, he informed me that he was ready to go.
It was past lunch hour at this point, and boy did he let me know. Remi requested McDonalds for chicken nuggets, fries and chocolate milk, then playing.
I'm down with it.

After lunch, he said. "Where do you wanna go Mom, anywhere but home?" I drove around with less than an hour before needing to pick up Bells and decided I hadn't been to K Mart forever.
We meandered through the entire store and managed not to buy anything!

Picked up Sis, dinner, playing, TV, skipped bath (let those park germs really soak in overnight), books, and still got the kids both to bed at 7:45pm Whoohoo Mom.

Except, Remi looked out his window and had this terrible face. When I asked him what was wrong, he said.
"It's not nighttime yet, it's not even dark yet."

Um, well this Mom says it is, so sleep tight little one.

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