Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I love that my Daughter can talk now

Two stories that I just have to share today

*Eating dinner tonight with the kids, I was asking them what they did at school today and they both were spouting off things and I was trying to keep the conversation going.
So, Bella tells me she played outside for one thing and I asked her if she got to swing.
She said. "Yes, with Lucy." Which is one of her sighted peer classmates.
I asked her if Lucy was her friend and she said.
"No Mom, Lucy is my BEST friend."

Awe, how sweet. I didn't even know she knew the word Best Friend or the meaning.

So after dinner we rush around because tonight is soccer night for Bella. She is participating in the Challenger program that the YMCA offers.

*Tonight was the kids' first game against a different group of Challengers, The Green Shirt's, as I called them.
Bella was actually pumped for the game and seemed to get the idea of it. The ball was passed or came into her hands (err,feet) several times over the course of the game and she would run it with the best of them. It was awesome, furthermore, she seemed to really enjoy herself. That is, until the Green Shirts would steal the ball back. Which they did often!

"Go away Green Shirts" or "Green Shirts are MEAN!" or "Stop Green Mean Shirts!" were three sayings that Bella would say over and over again.

I kept chuckling to myself and telling her that they weren't mean, just really good. At least, one little green shirt guy was really good and this evil Mommy about tripped him to see if we could bench him.
I know, terrible, but he was upsetting my baby. Would I win back any points if I told you he pushed her too. See, what a bully! Take him out. haha

Awesome Day Bells ~ Way to Go Babes

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  1. I have to say-Lucy and Bella are awesome together and Lucy really gets Bella to follow directions :) Who knew they'd listen to each other and not the teacher? ha. I'm so proud of her! Oh, and don't forget my weekend offer if you need a vacation!!!