Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just a Sunday

This is the most glorious day weather wise!!! I halted my never ending cleaning projects and laundry piles in exchange for pushing a swing, dinosaur hunting and soaking up the sunshine.

Remi is currently playing right outside the door with his dinosaurs on the deck. He has the best commentary, very creative and exciting. I think I could listen to him playing for hours. The dinosaurs are playing hide and seek with each other. Remi counts to eleven (that's amazing in itself) before he pretends to find each one.

Bella is "reading" a book all by herself. It's a Backyardigan book that I have read a million times to them and she, sort of, remembers the words, at least several thrown in here and there. This only makes it even more fun to listen to her talk. Six months ago, nothing. Now we can't get her to be quiet.

Vitamin D is good for the soul~I feel so at peace (and a little sleepy)

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