Monday, October 11, 2010

Stop being so's my turn

Crazy weekend. That being, I was a tad crazy this weekend. If you were within 2 feet of me, we probably got into a fight. I can't blame PMS, although isn't that handy when you can? I just think I slipped off the rocker for a few days and now I'm good again.
Part of my problem is the holding it all in until I explode! Yep, anyone familiar with that one?
My life is super stressful right now and instead of finding a way to work with it or around the stresses, I just keep taking them in and letting them build up on one another. Remember that game Tetris? I hated that game,even the music got to me, because anytime the screen became over half full, I would freak out and make more and more mistakes until eventually I would lose the game. This is kind of how I deal with my life.

On a positive note, I ran a total of 16 miles last week (5 days) and strength trained 3 days for roughly 30 minutes...

I insert this information at this point, because I have figured out this is my saving grace, exercise. It clears out my head, makes the weight on my shoulders feel less heavy, reorganizes the crappy pieces to make them fit together again.

I do have a problem though, on the days I didn't run (ex:this weekend) I was a mess. What do I do with this pent-up energy when I can't run?

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  1. I enjoy your blog and words, as well. Thanks for reading the Miles blog and the Short Bus book (mostly) .. I'm a believer that sharing the experience is a bit better than bottling it all up .. Keep on fighting the good fight and smiling .. Cheers - Joe D.