Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Eat, Pray, Love kind of day

So the original plan today was to go bowling or batting cages while both kids were in school since Joe has Wednesday's off and we have 3 wonderful kid free hours to do what we like, but after chit-chatting with other parents in the parent room at school till 9:15 that only left us a little over two hours. Poop.

We ate breakfast at Eggtc. A cute, hip little cafe downtown. We had never been to this breakfast joint and it was really tasty. That's my eat part.

Then with only an hour left before we went back to pick up Remi. I had this fun, quirky idea to head over to this house that we have passed many times with a sign in the front yard stating palm readings for $10.Bucks. Sweet. Cheap and funny, perfect way to waste an hour.
We walk up to the front door and the sign instructed us to ring bell and wait. So we did, long enough, that I begin to wonder if anyone was actually going to open the door.
Then this old Indian woman opened the door as she hung up from her cordless phone. I immediately began to doubt my idea, but what's ten dollars?
She informs us that she tells no lies and has been doing this for 50 years and many generations past along their knowledge to her, oh and that the ten dollar one was for kids. We had a choice of $25/50/99. The first option was for just palm reading, the second was for palm and card and the last was for complete reading with crystals and cleansing.
Since she didn't have a Visa machine, I sent Joe on his way to an ATM while she started on my palm. My palm disturbed her so much that she went on with a tarot reading too.

I know, what your thinking, I was thinking the same thing.

Then she started talking and that's when I had to work hard to keep my poker face in place. !!Holy fireballs!!
First thing she said to me (and I won't even try to imitate her accent) 'was that I want to run away, every morning, but I always come back, I will always come back'. This is a deep secret that probably only a handful of people know about me. Mostly because it sounds sad, selfish and small of me. I do want to run away. I've cried many of nights on Joe's shoulders telling him that this (being my life) is too hard and I just want to run away from it all. Whether, that be for a week or months or years...not that I ever really could run away, but it's there. Gnawing at me like a wild beast trying to escape from my chest.
Second she went on to tell me that 'I was a fixer, I like to fix too many people, give problem to me and I fix'. Um, yeah, dead on. I will stress over a friends problem just like my Mother does and want to take it on like my own to make them feel better.
'big worry lines, worry over everything, so sad on inside, breaking apart, but smiles on outside'. Guilty. I have been so sad lately that I can cry on cue.
She wanted to know what I worry over. Lover,child,money? "No" she says "Lover,but husband, he work wrong work and leave family, you two drift apart, no good, no fix lover only bring you down, you too many fixes, absorbed too many bad aura's, I fix you, I pray for you, you meditate? no. need to meditate. . Um, I have been talking about trying meditation to ease stress and anxiety every since I read that book(Eat,Pray,Love) a few months back.

She tells me to pick up three cards scattered on this table next to the couch. And at first I pick up the first three I see, then laugh and say something about mixing it up a little, so I dig around and find three cards and hand them over to the Indian lady.

Ready for it to get even weirder?

First card is of a sad lady that she tells me is me, "see you so sad, lady in picture is you and you go on trip to sea on boat?" I reply that only in my dreams, but in truth, I am trying to plan a Mom's trip and just last week I sent an email to a few of them with cruise options and was super excited over the prices and thought that the cruise would be a perfect choice for all of us..."no" she said "you must go on big boat at sea and be happy, you must.
Moving on to the second card...It's of a baby with a small star in the background or something. She asks, "you have have sick baby? no baby walk or talk, trouble baby? no worry over sick baby she be fine, you worry too much over baby. she good, no?" This is when I might have shed a small tear. It's not like I have a sign on me that says, Mother of Disabled Kid.

Now, Joe comes back from the ATM at this time and she rushes him in with great urgency and insists on reading his palm. She is dead on with him too. Yo-yo thoughts, bad job, worry, feels like he failed his family, should own your own business, not make right choices, not to trust friends and family. She goes on to tell him to make a wish and she says she grants it or tells him that she will make it true, then since he didn't have any more money, she was done with him.

Then she looks at Joe and tells him to go away, that she needs to speak to me in private. Poor Joe heads out the door and I'm a little nervous about what she is going to tell me, but she goes back to looking at my hand with her little wand waving over it.
"oh I pray, you two much love for each other, but jealousy in house not good for you two, he mean to you with words some days only since he yo-yo and not know better, bad aura you soak up, no fix him, he fix himself, due time he will" Just at breakfast I had told Joe that he was being mean to me with his snappy remarks, something that we are both bad about.
Then she goes on to tell me that "all friends I have, be careful, they no like me behind my back but smile to face, very jealous of me, no good for me, someone has such bad aura around you and you are hidden, let me fix you soon. How soon?"

Third card is of an angel. Someone close to me or someone that meant something to me, very dear to me. That could be two things either my Grandmother who I did adore or my miscarriage, but both of these are so broad that I don't mention either and she continues on.

I tell her that maybe in a few weeks we could try a little of this crystal cleansing that she kept talking about and she refused making me promise sooner. I told her I would try, then she gets a phone call, but no one is there so I take that as my chance to stand up and leave. She stands with me and gives me a big hug. I sort of hug her back. She tells me once again that "she fix me, she like me a lot, I am happy, but sad now, I be happy so soon again" and that she 'likes my big man and to remember to love him and share with him everything'. "Come back even if you no money, I help. Call me anytime with questions, I help you".

Wow! That's the pray and love part of my day.

Really I was astounded with her and greatly intrigued. And if she is full of baloney. Then call me Oscar.
Maybe she is suppose to be my Guru

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  1. I too was impressed with this little Indian woman. She seemed to know what she was talking about. Do I remain a little bit skeptical? Yes, but she said and knew some things that very few people would have known.
    And I agree with her. You do take on too many problems of others that are not yours to deal with. Not to say that you cannot continue to be your compassionate, wonderful self, but it is ok to not worry about others constantly.
    And you are going to take a trip on a boat, to the ocean. It would be a great time to unwind and let all the worries and stress just blow away in the sea breeze and swept away by the waves. It would be a perfect paradise to escape to and be free. I will make you go. Whether with 9 moms, 1 other mom, or even by yourself, No matter what the size of the group you go. You deserve it.
    I love you very much and I will always support you and cherish you forever and ever.