Friday, July 8, 2011

Still on the yellow kick

Two blogs - one day- how 'bout them apples...

I just had to share one more story,

As I've talked about before, Remi loves all things yellow, including yellow dogs. Yesterday as I was flipping over emails, Remi was peeking over my shoulder watching everything. So we watched a few videos.
One about an alligator and her babies, another about a 350 lb black bear in Virginia and a dancing hippo. Then Remi asked to see dogs. just happens to be saved in our bookmarks...Not yours?

Gladstone Animal Shelter is the first one to always pull for us, since we are so close and you would never believe me when I tell you this, but the first dog to show was a one yr old yellow lab, named Yellow. Unbelievable really. Remi was immediately in love! This was his picture

So, this morning after going to the park, we drove over to the animal shelter in hopes of 'only' meeting Yellow. Thankfully, the dog had been reunited with his family and was no longer available.

When I tucked the two kids in bed tonight and asked them what their favorite part of the day was, Remi said the animal shelter, looking at the dogs that wanted to come home and Bella said looking for Yellow.

Remi started to look really sad again over the mention of Yellow, until something sparked and he said,

"I'm going to ask Santa for a yellow puppy for Christmas. Not you Mom, cause Santa only answers kids and if you ask, he'll say no, but if I ask, he'll say yes."

Oh, my goodness!

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