Sunday, July 10, 2011

No suitcases being packed today...

Really missing the buoyancy of swimming, along with the amazing ability to make me feel skinny or at least not swollen...
This is day 8 that Bella is still angry at Grandma Dee. When we ask her if she'd like to go swimming, she quickly replies "no Dee is mean!"

My Mother is over the top with rude comments, snippy remarks and constant yelling at the kids. Joe and I figured they loved her enough to ignore most of these pesky traits, but I guess Bella has reached her max and Remi is even siding with her. Which is amazing considering she keeps my nephew most weekdays and Remi emulates him down to a scary T.

So, this leaves me wondering what I should do over the failed relationship. I wish it was easy enough to just talk it over with my Mother, but that is not the case with a giant exclamation mark.

Is it my job as a Mother to keep my daughters bond with her grandparents strong? Or, is it as simple as, she doesn't enjoy being around her, end of story?

Guess, I'll wait it out a while longer and in the meantime, I will be filling up our kiddie pool out back and awkwardly sitting my giant butt in it while the kids splash around me.

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