Monday, May 30, 2011

Yelloooww Dog

Remington's on his yellow dog kick again. This first started around Christmas time with him begging for a new dog, a yellow dog. I would gently brush it off and he seemed to forget it pretty easily.
The last couple of days it's started again. Tonight after bath he is reading a book about dogs and there was a yellow lab pictured and he mentioned again how much he really wants a yellow dog.

Thinking that down the road a trip to the pound would work for all. I told him that yes he may have a yellow dog when our three dogs are gone.
He got so excited, jumping around and hollering at Sis that they were getting a yellow dog. I let this go on for a few minutes, then reminded him that I did say AFTER the other dogs were gone, so that meant "his dog, Diablo" wouldn't be around anymore.

Without skipping a beat, he said fine. When Missy and Minnie are gone, Diablo and I will go to the pound and look for our next yellow dog.

Diablo is ten and has been the worst, most beloved dog in the world. I was just teary eyed this morning thinking about what I'd ever do without my big D.
I forget how attached the whole family is to that dog, especially Remington.

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