Friday, February 4, 2011

Just one of those days.

Remember that song by Monica titled Just One Of Those Days? (and I probably just dated myself)
This way my day from the get-go.
We had made a 9:30 appointment for Bella's five year/Trolley Run picture. Which means rush, rush, rush, wait, wait. Somehow being the second appointment, they were already running behind, not good when you are waiting with Bells.
Our turn pops up and disaster hits. Bella kicks, screams, hides in a corner, licks the backdrop,etc. You name it, she did it...that would be all but smiling...
Thirty minutes later and threats of no T.V. for the rest of the day, I threw in the towel.

The photographer was aghast and really I'm not sure if it was directed towards me or my five year old that was acting like a child who had severe autism (which she does not).
I would love to say that I frankly didn't care what the photographer thought, but I did. I wondered what she was whispering to her follow co-workers. I tried to think that she was commending me for not breaking down and keeping my cool while I calmly collected my heaping, mess of a screaming child off the floor and told her we were done for the day. When really she probably thought I was a push-over with a super spoiled child on my hands.
Or maybe that's what I wonder. How much of this episode was caused from her C.P., S.I.D, C.V.I., etc, etc. and how much of it is that she is an out of control, spoiled child?

I have tried very hard to never coddle Bella or make excuses for her, but I do feel that if Remington had pulled this stunt today, I might have acted differently.

I made Joe stop at Starbucks so I could douse my anger/disappointment into a cup of steaming mocha. Then I proceeded to run off to my happy place for an hour.
Otherwise, known as TARGET.

Do you know that Bella never asked for T.V. once today? That freaking blows me away. That also means she get's it and maybe it's time to take off the kiddie gloves.

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